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South Side Advocacy

Visually large crowds showing diverse community support are why Jackson Park Advisory Council is working hard to tell everybody about the positive impact the Jackson Park & South Shore Golf Course restoration will have on youth and our community.

Louise McCurry, Jackson Park Advisory Council President

I really enjoy working with our youth. This project will provide the facilities needed to reach more of them. The First Tee is an inspiring program to watch children learn and grow through the game of golf.

Erika Shavers, Coach for First Tee of Greater Chicago and Founder of Chicago’s Ladies on the Green Golf League

It was the committee’s consensus that the new golf course could bring prestige, status, and new economic benefits to the community.

JPAC Committee Statement, January 29, 2017

It’s a great opportunity to enlighten people about how concerned our community is about what happens on the golf course. Now we have a voice, and that’s the most important thing. Once we have that voice, we can get more done.

Harry Gilliam; South Shore Men's League & CPGA Board Member

I am absolutely thrilled that President Obama decided to bring his library to Jackson Park with all of the history here. Now with the restoration of the golf courses, it’s a phenomenal impact and I’m very proud to be a part of this.

Tracy Raoul, Jackson Park Golf Association President & CPGA Board Member

It’s going to be awesome for the City of Chicago; right on the lakefront. With Tiger Woods involved, it’s going to be a five star course. That’s for sure.

Emanuel Worley, Golf Instructor; WGN-TV December 16, 2016

Golf is a challenge. It makes you think. It brings the best and the worst out in you, and you have to learn to control yourself. This project could help get more young, African American boys and girls involved in the game of golf. The caddie program would be an opportunity to get South Side high school students to the golf course while teaching them etiquette, work ethic, and values of honesty and integrity.

Dion Madkins; First Tee of Greater Chicago, and Hit it Straight Golf Academy

We are a community of 261 unit owners located on the corner of 6700 S. South Shore Drive. We consider ourselves the "Nineteenth Hole" in this total restoration, and fully support this development.

Charles Newsome, President of Board of Directors for Quadrangle Building at 6700 S. South Shore Drive

Be involved. Let your voice be heard, and please bring the youth. It's about the kids. This project can create a legacy, and it will be beautiful. Just imagine the sterling views of our neighborhoods that will be seen around the world.

Al DeBonnett; Chair of 5th Ward Committee on Golf

Tiger Woods and his team have come up with a design that will offer community golfers the course they deserve and thrust millions of dollars into the local economy. The influx of revenue from the new golf course will not only strengthen the local businesses but also stimulate job growth.

Tonya Love Trice; Executive Director of South Shore Chamber of Commerce

City of Chicago

It’s not just the golf course or the library, but the economic development and investment into the community. If people are going to be here, they are going to need places to eat. They are going to need places to shop. They are going to need places to rest their heads. All of that provides jobs and helps to sustain a community.

5th Ward Alderman Leslie Hairston, WGN-TV on December 16, 2016

The transformation of Jackson Park and South Shore golf courses will not only enhance the golf experience in Chicago, but also make the sport more accessible for anyone who desires to play.

Chicago Park District General Superintendent and CEO Michael P. Kelly, Chicago Tribune July 10, 2017

Golf Industry Leaders

The possibility of bringing a tournament to this facility is one that we are willing to consider as the various pieces of this initiative come together. Tiger Woods’ involvement gives us great confidence in the quality of the design and where this project is going in terms of bringing golf to young people.

Tim Finchem; PGA TOUR Commissioner; December 18, 2016

The Western Golf Association enthusiastically welcomes this opportunity to grow our game and change the lives of deserving young men and women in a city that means so much to our organization. We envision this facility serving as a pipeline for the Evans Scholarship Program, which has sent more than 11,000 caddies to college since 1930.

John Kaczkowski; President & CEO, Western Golf Association

We are very proud to participate in this exciting project that will rejuvenate participation in the game of golf. It will enable us to increase our programs which have been active at South Shore and Jackson Park for more than 15 years, expand the Chicago Park District Junior League and reach thousands of more youth on an annual basis.

Lea Jesse; Executive Director, First Tee of Greater Chicago

The Chicago District Golf Association and our CDGA Foundation are honored to support the Alliance and their transformative project for Jackson Park, South Shore, and the surrounding community. This project can become a golf hub in the City of Chicago and help our Foundation bring the values and therapeutic benefits of the game to more Chicagoans with special needs, veterans, and youth.

Robert Markionni; Executive Director, Chicago District Golf Association

Golf Leagues

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